Journalist. Multimedia Storyteller. Lover of Words.

        | “Writing well means never having to say, ‘I guess you had to be there.’” -Jef Mallett

11181937_10206960710238927_5958685771754219821_oI’m here to tell a story.

But before we get to that, here’s a quick slice of my own story:

I’m Felicia, and I’m a senior at Boston University, studying journalism with concentrations in political science and computer science. I am passionate about finding stories and telling stories, and I am inspired by the impact journalists can have on their communities. I hope, through my work, I’ll be a journalist who can have an impactful and invaluable effect on my readers.

The majority of my experience has been in reporting, from pitching stories, maintaining strong networks of sources, interviewing for stories, and writing. However, I have also worked extensively with copy editing through positions at my college newspaper. I consider myself a strong line editor, a detail-oriented fact checker, and a grammar fanatic with an obsession for AP style.

I’ve also dug into the visual side of journalism, working a bit with photography and video (though I’m always looking to get more experience). Lastly, I’ve taken a few computer science classes to understand the development and production of multimedia journalism and to become comfortable with data journalism.

This website gives you a little taste of my work. Take a look around and read a story or two. I hope you leave feeling as though you were there.


Where You Can Find Me:

Twitter: @FeliciaGans
Connect with me on LinkedIn.